Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Mexican Pottery

I really want one of these. This guy is about 5 feet tall and would look great sitting in the corner of my front porch. The cool thing about him is that he only costs $65.00! Hmmm...Lee, if you're reading this, Valentine's Day is coming up and I really don't need chocolate!

Speaking of Lee...I asked him this morning if he reads my blog. His response, "No." WTF?!? How can he not read it or at least look at the photos? Do your family members read your blogs? I know that if any of my family members wrote a blog, I'd be reading it every day just because it was family. I'm just sayin'...

No pottery pics for February 1st. I'm headed in a different direction and I feel a rant coming on. As Hank Williams, Jr. says, "Are you ready for some football???"

Until tomorrow...


  1. I can just imagine one of this in a porch - fabulous!

    My dh did not used to read my blog, but when friends started mentioning things they had read on it, he thought maybe he was missing something!

    Now he is a faithful follower :)

  2. My DH reads my blog...but I have to remind him. I have music on my blog, so he does turn it on in the background at work so he can have some tunes....that's the bait I use to lure him! LOL!!
    My dad and a few friends check my blog out, too. My mom doesn't. She's not very interested in anything I do unless she thinks I might be pregnant....then she's all in my business!

    Hope you get your giraffe for Vday....Enjoy the Super Bowl!!!!

  3. Great giraffe - love the colors!

    No my husband doesn't read my blog. When I set it up, I asked if he wanted a link and he didn't. It didn't bother me but I don't know why because normally it would have. He wanted the link to the blog he wanted me to start for my dog, Champ (LOL)! I hardly ever post anything to it. No one else in my family reads it either. Guess because I never told them.

    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

    P.S. Yes, I remember John Cougar (LOL). One of the guys I worked with had seen him then, too, and told me that he cussed up a storm and was very rude back then. Totally different when I saw him.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful photograph. I think my dh does read my blog occasionally but not all the time. I mainly blog for myself and my inlaws in Australia.

  5. I love these pottery pieces.And your photos are great.
    As for reading my blog, my dh can't use a computer.....I do it for him! I gave my daughter the link to my blog....but she hasn't said anything. So much for family interest!

  6. I totally love the giraffe. Have one sent here to me, ok?

    No...Rick doesn't read my blog, but he has come over to see what photo I'm posting. I think Eric and some of his friends do though. One of his friends was just over and was talking about it...and now how everyone at school knows that he and Eric play Dungeons and Dragons (earlier post).

  7. Fabulous photo! The giraffe is so cute. Hope you get your wish for V-day.
    My husband doesn't read my blog but he doesn't use the internet much. He does look at my photos everyday though. I have other family members that do read my blog.

  8. What a pretty giraffe! I love the colors. My mom reads my blog but Wes only comes and looks when I make him lol! He just doesn't get excited about that stuff the way I wish he would. He does love to show me off though which is annoying because I get his random coworkers looking at my blog and I have no clue who they heck they are lol! If I feel like ranting about Wes's job I dont want them reading it lol!

  9. Ok, so I just took another look at your fantastic photos and thought you might like to know that your date stamp on the last 2 says 2008 instead of 2009! I hope you don't mind me pointing it out.

  10. Fabulous shot, Gail, but then again I am biased because it is a giraffe. It is so colorful and vibrant...looooooove it.
    My DH doesn't read my blogs, but my sistes who lives in another state does.