Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've Been Tagged

I love Chris' blog and she tagged me the other day. Here is the tag.

1. Link back to the blog that tagged me: Chreamp's 365 Images

2. I'm supposed to list six interesting things about me. I tell you, I'll list six things about me, but I'm sure you won't find them very interesting. I'm kind of boring!

With no further are my facts:
1. Although I never did, I have always wanted to be a funeral director and own my own funeral home.

2. I can't stand to have my food touching each other on the plate. I won't eat the parts that are touching, unless it's mashed potatoes and corn.

3. I count. I think it's stress related or a little OCD. I'll count the white lines on the highway, holes in an acoustic ceiling, screws on cabinet doors, anything...and then reduce that number down to a number that's divisible by three.

4. I'm a MENSA member.

5. I love old Bette Davis movies.

Now that you know how strange I am, I get to tag five people. Here's who i am tagging:

1. Anne C.
2. Kait
3. Emily
4. Petra
5. Biancka

I'll be back later with my photo for yesterday and today. Got a load of laundry to finish first...LOL!


  1. Not interesting???? I've never met anyone before that actually wanted to be a funeral director!!!

  2. Me either! and you're a MENSA member (had to look that up to see what it was LOL)! Impressed I would say! Love the old black and white movies, too!

    I once went to a New Year's Eve party in a funeral home (in high school). The home was connected to it but we didn't see any dead bodies (LOL)!

    Thanks for playing along!