Friday, February 20, 2009

50 of 365

I honestly meant to get back here yesterday and post, but I got busy visiting with Emily. Typical's not often she's home in the evening and actually wants to sit and visit with us. I took advantage of that!

Here's my photo that is actually for yesterday:
I think this is my very favorite building in town. It's an old Lutheran church that's been boarded up and unused for years. The plaque on the building states it was built in 1928. I don't know what it is about this building that I like so much, but I do love it. It's overgrown on the sides of the building. The parking lot is cracked and weeds are growing in the cracks now.'s gorgeous! I have told Lee several times that we really need to find out who owns it and see if it can be bought. Can you imagine living in it? I would so do a heartbeat! All of the stained glass windows have been boarded up from inside so you can still see them and, surprisingly, they are all still intact. To live here would be awesome, but, since we're planning on selling the home we currently have (and everything else) in two years to become full-time RV'ers and travel around the doesn't make much sense to buy this lovely old church, does it? I do hope it finds a wonderful owner someday and is brought back to life.

Thanks for visiting and we'll see you later with today's photo!


  1. wonderful photo and building...that sounds so cool to become fulltime RV-ers and see the world!

  2. What a beautiful photo, love the colors and the story behind it!

  3. I love old abandoned buildings - imagining them in their past glory. Would be lovely to see it restored.

  4. What an awsome building, great shot!

  5. That building is amazing! I would love to wander around it and take tons of photos. You did an amazing job photographing it.

  6. That is just beautiful! I love old buildings, too, and if we were more talented (or had a lot of $), I would definitely love to redo something like that to live in. That stained glass is gorgeous!

    But, to be full time RVers and travel the country sounds great, too!

  7. Great shot of the building. I like vintage buildings. Well, just about vintage anything. Your photos are fun! I'll be back to see what else you're up to.

  8. Gail,
    I have dreamed of living in an old church!
    I love Digi-Scrapping! Loaned my flash drive to my kid and it came back with ALL my digi-kits gone. I sat in shock, as I am sure you would.
    Love your blog, will keep up through it.